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F3P Lithuanian Open Championship 2019 in Alytus

 Dear Colleagues, Welcome to 2019 Lithuania Open F3P Championship. Competition schedule (Dienotvarkė):6:15-8:15 Treniruočių skrydžiai/ Training flights7:30-8:15 Dalyvių registracija/ Registration of participants8:15-8:25 Varžybų atidarymas/ Opening ceremony8:25-8:30 Testinis skrydis teisėjams F3P-C/ Warm-up flight F3P-C8:30-9:00 F3P-C 1 turas/ F3P-C 1 round9:00-9:05 Testinis skrydis teisėjams F3P-AA/ Warm-up flight F3P-AA9:05-9:20 F3P-AA 1 turas/ F3P-AA 1 round9:20-9:25 Testinis skrydis F3P-AP/ Warm-up flight F3P-AP9:25-10:35 F3P-AP 1 turas/ F3P-AP 1 round10:35-11:05 F3P-C 2 turas/ F3P-C 2 round11:05-11:20 F3P-AA 2 turas/ F3P-AA 2 round11:20-12:30 F3P-AP 2 turas/ F3P-AP 2 round12:30-13:30 Teisėjų pietų pertrauka/ Judges‘ lunch brake12:30-12:50 Mini konkursas vaikams/ Mini competition for children12:50-13:30 “Fun flying” pusvalandis/ “Fun flying” half hour13:30-14:00 F3P-C 3 turas/ F3P-C 3 round14:00-14:15 F3P-AA 3 turas/ F3P-AA 3 round14:15-15:25 F3P-AP 3 turas/ F3P-AP 3 round15:25-16:00 Treniruočių skrydžiai F3P-AF/ Training flights F3P-AF (50% [...]


2019 Year news

Dear website visitors, Firstly, I want to share with you my personal joy – I became a father of a beautiful and smart baby girl last year. It was an amazing year filled with new responsibilities and pleasant moments. Our baby girl is growing very fast and is already showing some interest in her dad’s flying activities;).     My Daughter showing interest in airplanesLearning to Fly Secondly, I want to say big THANK YOU to all our customers in the name of Pauzuolis-RC team! We are happy with 2018 results and we are planning lots of interesting products for the near future.  The last F3P competition season was [...]


F3P Lithuanian Open Championship 2018 in Alytus

Dear Colleagues, Welcome to Open Lithuania Championship. Schedule draft: 2018 04 06 (Friday)15:00 – 18:00 free practice.2018 04 07 (Saturday)08:00 – 10:00 free practice 10:00 – 18:00 competition 20:00 – BanquetSchedules will be flown: FAI AP19, FAI AF19, FAI AA19 (minimum 3 competitors are required), CLUB (C-Shedule), Aeromusical and Pylon racing. Competition Bulletin will posted soon. Regarding registration please apply to info@pauzuolis-rc.com Competition will be held in Alytus Sport and Recreation Centre where this video was taken last year.