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2019 Year news

Dear website visitors, Firstly, I want to share with you my personal joy - I became a father of a beautiful and smart baby girl last year. It was an amazing year filled with new responsibilities and pleasant moments. Our baby girl is growing very fast and is already showing some interest in her dad's flying activities;).     My Daughter showing interest in airplanesLearning to Fly Secondly, I want to say big THANK YOU to all our customers in the name of Pauzuolis-RC team! We are happy with 2018 results and we are planning lots of interesting products for the near future.  The last F3P competition season was...

Extreme Flight 3DHS Slick 540. Exsculsive interview with Jase Dussia

It was big pleasure to be back in USA and visit Joe Nall 2017. We did not waste time and between many flights record this interview video with Mr.Jase Dussia. In my opinion this young gentleman and Extreme Flight RC/3D Hobby shop guys create the best freestyle plane ever. Video demonstrate many technical details behind this project, some vital setup secrets and naturally mind bending flights of Jase (The Ace) Dussia. I flown this plane once during Joe Nall, and immediately it was clear that this plane is true champion. Such fast/sharp response and at same time everything can be performed with highest level...

Jase Dussia, road to victory in Clover Creek invitational 2016

This short story/contest report about young man Jase Dussia and his road to victory. Let's hear new champion opinion about his new killer freestyle plane from 3D hobby shop/Extreme Flight RC and few words about prestigious Clover Creek invitational freestyle contest.

Extreme Flight RC 104 Extra 300

For several years my favorite plane was 78 inch Extra 300 from Extreme Flight. After flying new 104 Inch Extra for very first time, I think my opinion will change very soon;) Extreme Flight RC 104inch Extra 300 is everything freestyle pilot can dream of. Modern plane construction is reinforced and prepared for crazy (Desert Aircraft) DA-120 power.

2011 XFC, USA

Futaba 2011 XFC (Extreme flight championship), was my last event during my 2011 summer visit to the USA. This event has a long history and was started in 2002 by Mr. Frank Noll and supported by Futaba RC equipment suppliers. XFC is unique for several reasons; firstly this event combines RC helicopters and airplanes, two very different classes of RC models. Secondly it is the only freestyle competition in the world that includes some mandatory pattern manoeuvres. Both airplane and helicopter pilots have to create two four minute routines, one is called known and second one unknown. IITOP regroups the best F3P pilots in Europe. This...

Extreme Flight RC 2M Vanquish

Durring my 2010 summer stay in USA i had chance to fly with Extreme Flight RC Vanquish prototype. This is hi level F3A plane for very afordable price. Durring first flight in Atlanta i was surprised how awesome this plane is. I hit almost all snaps perfect in very first flight. So i knew i have to have this plane in my hangar and use it durring new F3A season.

Extreme Flight RC 78 Extra 300

Without doubt Extreme Flight RC 78 inch Extra 300 is my favorite outdoor airplane so far. I use this model for F6A (Artistic Aerobatic). This plane is another brilliant design by Chris Hinson. 78 inch is just perfect size, it combine quite agile flying characterystic’s of smaller plane, but with right setup it can be great IMAC type pattern machne. Such qualities create perfect freestyle airplane.