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Extreme Flight RC 104 Extra 300

For several years my favorite plane was 78 inch Extra 300 from Extreme Flight. After flying new 104 Inch Extra for very first time, I think my opinion will change very soon;) Extreme Flight RC 104inch Extra 300 is everything freestyle pilot can dream of. Modern plane construction is reinforced and prepared for crazy (Desert Aircraft) DA-120 power.


Extreme Flight RC 78 Extra 300

Without doubt Extreme Flight RC 78 inch Extra 300 is my favorite outdoor airplane so far. I use this model for F6A (Artistic Aerobatic). This plane is another brilliant design by Chris Hinson. 78 inch is just perfect size, it combine quite agile flying characterystic’s of smaller plane, but with right setup it can be great IMAC type pattern machne. Such qualities create perfect freestyle airplane.