Victory 1SL 2019 RTF (removable wings)


Victory 1SL 2019 is a successor of famous Victory 1S and Victory 1SL 2017

Donatas Design AL Victory 1SL 2019 F3P model with removable wings is available in Ready to fly version only due to it’s building complexity.

Model is fully assembled and balanced with top of the line equipment available on the market today:

Model available on back order only. Estimated lead time 6 weeks. Please contact via [email protected] for customisation and options


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Victory 1SL 2019 RTF (removable wings) is a successor of famous Victory 1S and Victory 1SL 2017

Comparing with it’s predecessor, new Victory has revised design in terms on aerodynamics for better negotiation with most advanced manoeuvres from latest F3P schedules. Most noticeable updates are:

  • Higher fuselage with increased side surface are for better knife edge performance
  • Revised wing and aileron design for more axial rolls
  • Larger ruder area for easier knife edge loops

For those who would like to travel with his new Victory easier and in some cases cost efficiently, 2019 design has removable wings, that allows to pack model to box with dimensions of 110 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm (43 inch x 16 inch x 16 inch)


Victory 1SL 2017 technical data:

Wingspan: 85 cm

Fuselage: 104 cm

Weight: RTF weight 40g with 120mAh battery


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