F3A Biplane Mriya

F3A Biplane Mriya


Fully composite F3A model airframe KIT

  • Length without spinner: 191 cm
  • Wing span: 168 cm
  • Weight without hardware set and landing gear 2148 g +-4%
  • Weight with hardware set and landing gear 2477 g +-4%
  • RTF weight 4500 – 4700 g

Level of completeness is Ready for Equipment (RFE).

All parts are fully manufactured, painted and prepared for equipment to be installed.



Pedigree of F3A biplane Mriya

Ukrainians left noticeable mark in history of World aviation. Antonov factory in Kiev is famous for its almighty transport airplanes. In this burro many full scale developments were made with the help of skilled modelers. Ukrainian modelers are considered as elite specialists in constructing from composite materials. Many brands of top RC product are actually made in various parts of Ukraine. Group of die hard Ukrainian F3A enthusiasts set ambitious goal to design one of the best F3A model available today. Mriya F3A team had over 50 years of combined experience in F3A model production and testing so they had clear vision how new plane must be build. Daring name Mriya was given to this project and is the same like famous Antonov An-225. In Ukrainian language it means a Dream.

Designed for modern F3A sequences

Large number of Knife edge maneuvers, complex roll and snap roll combinations these are main tendencies of modern F3A schedules. F3A biplane Mriya was designed to perform these as precise as possible. As a result:

  • Stable flight at slow speeds in any position;
  • Knife edge flight requires very small amount of rudder input and fuselage almost don’t changes angle of attack. This allow to make graceful looking roll combinations with ease;
  • Efficient rudder allows to perform great looking stall turns and spins;
  • Very high quality realistically looking snap rolls. Due to really light wings pilot is able to “brake in” nicely and most important clean and precise stop of snap rolls.


Aerodynamic Matte surface finish

During tests was noticed, that behavior of model depends on paint type that model is covered with. Because aerodynamic engineers where involved into construction process of F3A biplane Mriya, there where decided to explore this phenomena with the most possible accuracy. As a result model is covered with matte paint which was carefully selected during large number of tests that provides perfect balance between braking down lines and smoothness of flight.

Also matte paint provides better visibility without sun reflections while model performs various aerobatic maneuvers in sunny day. Sometimes reflected sunlight can mislead judges so with matte paint less distortion of attention in bright sunlight appear.

Painting is done after model parts are taken out of the molds. Each model is airbrushed by team of specialists and requires about 7 days to complete.

Of course gloss finish painted in molds and polished version is available as well.


Ready For Equipment

Mriya is ready for equipment (RFE) just out of the box. Our idea was to save Mriyas owners time for flight practice so we decided to offer F3A biplane Mriya as RFE kit only. Surface horns, Hinges, Servo slots, Motor mount, Chassis mount, Battery area, everything is glued in place predrilled and ready for assembling with equipment. Even angle of attack of wings is factory preset in molds.

During assembling process it is required to screw in servos and motor, screw on chassis, connect linkages and wires and model is ready to be tested at flying field.

Airframe is prepared to be used with single airscrew outrunner or coaxial thrust unit, standard size servos for tail and slim servos for wings (please check technical details for best options).


Fully composite airframe

Mriya is unique model in this class due to its fully composite airframe. While some leading brands offers only composite fuselage with balsa wings and stabs, Mriya is designed to fit into strictest weight limits (empty airframe without accessories is 2,148 kg (4,6 lbs) only) with fully composite wings and stabilizers, as well as fuselage. It was possible due to usage of highest quality materials like Kevlar reinforced Carbon fiber.

The result: super light airframe, that performs excellent snaps, light and very predictive rolls and is extremely resistant to climate and humidity changes.


Custom colors

Mriya is available painted with individually chosen colors. It is possible to apply your chosen colors with standard Mriyas paint pattern. If You choose this option We will ask You to choose Your colors from RAL color chart www.ralcolor.com and specify areas on standard paint pattern where each color should be used.

Custom color option is available for both Matte and Glossy (painted in molds) versions.

F3A Biplane Mriya KIT consist of

  • Composite Fuselage
  • Composite Top Wing
  • Composite Bottom Wing
  • Composite Elevator
  • Composite Wing supports (2 pieces)
  • Composite Landing Gear (2 pieces)
  • Composite Wheal pants
  • Composite Mounting plate for battery
  • Hardware (Bolts, wheels, washers, double coupler, coupler)
  • Elevator pull push 6 mm carbon tube

Recommended equipment


Contra units:

  • RS contra drive.
  • Brenner contra drive.
  • Adverrun contra drive.

Single prop option:

  • AXI 8112/10 with Three blade 20×13,5 or Two blade PT models 22×10, PT 21×12, PT 20×13


  • Jeti Spin Pro 99 Opto Fuselage has cooling window exactly for this esc
  • Castle Creations Edge Lite HV 80A.
  • Castle Creations Edge HV 80A.


Ailerons 4x: Hitec-7245, Futaba- BLS173SV.

Elevator, Ruder 2x: Hitec 9370TH, Hitec 9360TH.


Minimum 8 Ch computer radio (4 ailerons, elevator, rudder and throttle + battery slot)


Fuselage length without spinner: 191 cm

Wing span: 168 cm


Weights may vary +- 4% from listed

  • Fuselage – 872g
  • Top Wing – 497g
  • Bottom Wing – 487g
  • Elevator – 189g
  • Wing supports (2 pieces) – 75g
  • Landing Gear (2 pieces) – 151g
  • Wheal pants – 20g
  • Mounting plate for battery – 28g
  • Hardwares (Bolts, wheels, washers, double coupler copler) 138g
  • Elevator pull push 6mm carbon tube – 20g

Total weight of all parts in a KIT – 2477g

Target RTF weight 4500 – 4700 g


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