Donatas Design Arrow V.5

Donatas Design Arrow V.5


KIT of indoor aeromusical rc plane Arrow V.5 released by Donatas Design.

Kit includes painted depron foam parts together with big amount of hi quality carbon and fiberglass hardware.

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Arrow V.5

It is my first release, it very successful aeromusical design, that is capable of both teach you 3D flying and helping you to win competitions! Arrow V.5 is evolution of my famous VPP trainer with motor mounted inside fuselage. Arrow V.5 is not redesigned for front mounted motor/prop use. As you can see from video samples Arrow V.5 is very capable 3D plane. Arrow V.5 is available as kit (that include hi quality fiberglass hardware and right size carbon rods).

Donatas Design Arrow V.5

Wingspan: 80cm, Fuselage length: 96 cm

RTF weight 145 – 185 gr. depending on setup.

Recommended equipment (purchased separately):


Motor should be efficient. Its weight has to be no more than 20 grams for indoor and no

more than 25 grams for outdoor use:

AXI2203/Race (18,5g) + GWS 8×4,3 (for regular indoor flying).

AXI2203/40 + Mamo models „UpSideDown“ VPP system with 9 inch blades.

(For indoor VPP flying, when model is build extremely light up to 160g RTF).

AXI 2204/54 (25,9g) + GWS 9×3,8 (for outdoor flying in light wind).

AXI 2204/54 EVP (25,9g) (for VPP flying outdoor).

Note: additional reinforcement to airframe will be needed if you decide to use more powerful 3S motor.


Good quality electronic speed controller is a must. In indoor flying good throttle response is extremely important. Since very first flights indoor in 2004 year , we start using Castle Creation Phoenix 10A esc, so far we had 0 failures, it is most reliable piece of hardware we use. Our recommended Castle Creation Phoenix 10A setup for 2S lipo: Cutoff Voltage 6.0 v , Cutoff type – Soft Cutoff, Brake Strenght- 0%, Motor start power -Medium (59), Throttle Response – High (8), Current limiting – insensitive, Motor Timing – Standart advanced or High advanced. From budget line controllers Castle Creation Thunderbird 9 is also good option. This is “plug and play” type ESC, so it does not have all setup options.


For battery we recommend to select at least 35 C lypo battery.

35C 300mah, 2S/7,4V , battery weight 16g. (Very light indoor)

35C 380mah, 2S/7,4V , battery weight 22g. (Powerful indoor)

35C 380mah, 3S/11.1V , battery weight 30g. (Very powerful outdoor or VPP flying)

35C 500mah, 2S/7,4V , battery weight 28g. (Light indoor)


Hitec 65hb single servo on ailerons and rudder, best performance on 6 Volts.

Digital Hitec 5035 single servo on all surfaces (to achieve lightest possible RTF weight).

Dig. JR 290G single servo for elev. and rudd. 2 servos can be used on ailerons.

Dig. JR 188 single servo for elev. and rudd. 2 servos can be used on ailerons.

If you select different brand product’s, try to select servos that have at least 0,12S/60 speed and 0,8kg/cm torque. Weight should not be higher than 9 grams for each servo.

Tools and materials required:

You will need just a few basic tools and materials to finish your Arrow V5:

Sharp hobby knife, file, 1.5 mm drill, piece of sanding paper, scissors, screwdriver, solder, and Donatas esign beveling tool. Foam friendly CA glue, Sticky tape for control surface attachment, and Kevlar thread.


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