9 inch spare blades for Mamo Upside-Down VPP system


Set of spare blades for Mamo Upside-Down VPP system

Product includes: 9 inch blades ( 2 pcs.) and 2mm hex blade holding screws (2 pcs.)

Blade set weight (plastic parts): 5.25 grams.

Holding screws weight 0.8g

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This is replacement, a 9 inch set for your Mamo models VPP unit “Up Side down”. 9 inch blades are most suitable for 2S lypo powered VPP airplanes. Lighter (~155g) airplanes and lower RPM motors are required to use this diameter blades successfully. If you use 9 inch propeller with powerful 3S lypo application, there is risk of vibrations and poor performance.


Sultimate in action with mamo models upside down system with 9 inch spare blades. Axi 2203/40 VPP motor.


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