8 inch spare blades for Mamo Upside-Down VPP system


Set of spare blades for Mamo Upside-Down VPP system

Product includes: 9 inch blades ( 2 pcs.) and 2mm hex blade holding screws (2 pcs.)

Blade set weight (plastic parts): 5.25 grams.

Holding screws weight 0.8g

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This is replacement, a 8 inch set for your Mamo models VPP unit “Up Side down”. 8 inch blades are most suitable for 3S lypo powered VPP airplanes. Light (~165g) airplanes and higher RPM motors are required to use this diameter blades successfully. With 2s lypo performance of 8 inch blades will be a bit poor. Real 8 inch blade power shines when it is flown with 3S. Please take special care once flying with such powerful system. We highly recommend to get familiar with VPP flying by using less aggressive 2s and 9 inch blades.  



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