3mm Hub for Mamo Upside-Down VPP system


Product includes: One 3mm aluminium hub.

Hub weight is 2.23 g.

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3mm Hub for Mamo Upside-Down VPP system. Mamo Models of Germany is producer of most popular VPP system. 

3 mm hub produced from high quality aluminium. Diameter is suitable for motors that have 3mm axle. For example T-motor 2304 line. Motor in pictures shown as axle size sample, it does not come with the 3mm Hub.

3mm Hub for Mamo Up Side Down variable pitch propeller system in use by it’s designer Mr. Martin Muller. Combining variable pitch propeller + vector thrust allows unique aerobatic maneuvers to be created. 

Some more unique use of Mamo models Up Side Down Unit by My Research. The purpose of the developed device is intensifying the emotional perception of an acoustic signal by additional tactile and visual sensations. Close to a powerful low-frequency dynamic speaker, a human body feels vibrations of air and this effect considerably intensifies perception of music. The below-described device generates air vibrations synchronized with the acoustic signal in the infrasonic range. They cause a sensation that the acoustic system is more powerful that it is in realty. A tactile sensation of the air flow is possible in a close distance from the device. 

With 8 inch propellers we recommend to run 3 cell lypo battery. 

With 9 inch propellers we recommend to run 2 cell lypo battery.

Model airplane propellers are dangerous. VPP airplane engines designed and modified to achieve maximum operating capabilities create high and potentially severe loads. Ignoring reasonable safeguards is dangerous. 

Always treat the propeller with respect. Accidental VPP switch activation can cause noticeably damage (specially once 3 cell lypo is used).


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