Ultra light voltage booster for F3P by Risto Hölttä 0.45 gr

Ultra light voltage booster for F3P by Risto Hölttä 0.45 gr


Ultra light voltage booster for F3P

Standard output voltage 4.2 V ±0.05 V
Max continuous current (1S LiPo input, > 3.3 V) 0.9 A (with good airflow)
Momentary max current 1.1 A
Max momentary input voltage 6 V
Max input voltage range 0.7 V … 5 V
Efficiency ~90 % (depends on input voltage)
Recommended supply 1S LiPo
Weight 4.5 grams ±0.2 (0.016 oz)
Dimensions 11 x 16 x 2 mm

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This ultralight voltage booster is designed and manufactured F3P enthusiast and technical supporter of F3P Team Finland Risto Hölttä.

Recently 1S 3,7V coaxial thrust systems became more and more popular due to their efficiency and possibility to use lighter battery. But downside of such a setup is that voltage supplied for Receiver and servos is not stabile and decreases during flight, therefore affecting precision and performance of the servos. Also choice of servos is very restricted for 1S configurations because there are not so much of these available that provide good enough characteristics at voltages near 3,3V.

Voltage booster from Risto Hölttä provides stabile supply of 4,2V for servos and receiver during whole 1S battery discharge cycle and far below that. This option with a costs of only 0,45 grams of additional weight opens following possibilities:

  • Wider choice of servos
  • Stabile servo performance and accuracy during whole flight
  • Model upgrade from 2S to 1S thrust system configuration without changing servos and receiver

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