Risto Hölttä 6A speed controller 0.5 gr wo wires


Based on either MX-3A commercial ESC
Weight 0.50 g
Size: 12.9×11.6×3.4mm wo wires
Operating voltage 2.7 V … 4.2 V (never exceed 4.2 V!)
Max current 6 A
Regenerative braking (DampedLight)
Programmable with BLHeliSuite

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Risto Hölttä 6A speed controller is solution for those who is focused on maximising performace and efficiency of a thrust unit of their model. It is Enhanced 1S ESC for F3P. Based on either MX-3A commercial ESC it is much reliable, efficient and better performing in F3P applications than standard unit.

The base ESC is modified as follows:
· The original low spec FET transistors are replaced with high performance OnSemi and Toshiba devices, increasing reliability and efficiency
· Microcontroller flashed with BLHeli 14.9 or later
· Settings preprogrammed for F3P use, DampedLight activated to further increase efficiency
and braking

As a result flight time increased by 25-40% comparing with the same setup on standard MX-3A due to less current draw. Also we have noticed increase in maximal thrust for AL 13-110/16 1S coaxial thrust unit. What to do with it, get smaller battery for weight saving or just enjoy equal thrust until the end of flight schedule is up to You. All we know, that we are using these devices all around in our 1S projects. 

Risto Hölttä 6A speed controller is another great work of  Mr. Risto Hölttä. We are certain it will help to improve the way throttle work on your precious F3P model.




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