Kiss 18 speed controller 1.97 gr wo wires


ESC for indoor F3P Aeromusical airplane and race copters.

Weight without wires 1.97g

Max. 18A continuous

Use for 2-4 S LiPo

Without BEC

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Kiss 18 speed controller (by Flyduino) – a unique speed controller from the drones’ world. Small ESC is mainly designed for race Multipcopters, but it does have some features that makes it very attractive for use in F3P-AM planes. Kiss 18 ESC can have reverse function activated. This means that motor can turn propeller clockwise and counter clockwise. This function provides wider opportunities in making VPP maneuvers without actual variable pitch propeller ant it’s accessories. Reverse function can be used only with 2S lypo setup and small brushless out runner motor. 

In my opinion, it will never replace proper VPP system, but for fraction of a price it can give you experience and understanding what means inverted torque roll, flips and few more moves. In order to achieve this you need to use very light (~150 g) shockflyer type model. 

KISS stands for “Keep It Super Simple”. I have personally tested it in various show models where reverse function was necessary. I can confirm that this ESC is easy to set up and so far I did not have a single failure. 

Very small dimensions (12 x 23 x 4.5 mm) 

Max. 18A continuous

2-4S Lypo capable

Weight – 2 grams


LED on board

Kiss 18 speed controller is made in Germany

ESC use can be seen in this promotional video at 0:14s  once blue dragon backs up.



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