Hornet 6A ESC with BEC


Electronic speed controller for indoor airplane models.

Weight with wires 6.1 g

Weight without wires 1.8 g

Max. 6A continuous

Use for 2S or 4S LiPo

Linear BEC 5V/0.5A

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Hornet 6A ESC with BEC introduction:

Hornet 6A ESC is produced by HTIRC.  This small budget unit is ideal for light indoor models up to 70 grams. ESC have integrated 5 Volt/0.5 amp linear BEC. No additional BEC’s are required. We had good results testing this unit with lightweight F3P planes

HengTuo Innovation specializes in R&D, designing and manufacturing different electronic products, such as electronic speed controllers, BEC, chargers, Lipo voltage checker, and kinds of PCBA OEM/ODM customized products and solutions of Brushless Control System. Companmy is founded in 2010

Technical specifications:

Max. 6A continuous, without heat shrink tube and good cooling in the airflow.

Burst Current: 8A (Max 10 seconds) without heat shrink tube and good cooling in the airflow.

Operating voltage 2S or 4S LiPo

Dimension: 22x12x6.5 mm

Weight: 6.1g (with cable)

Weight: 1.8g (without cables and heat shrink)

Power cable (+ and -) lenght: 60mm

Motor wire lenght: 60mm

Wirre to receiver: 18mm

BEC Output Voltage: 5.0V

B E C Current: 0.5A

Programmable: Yes (See manual for details)

Hornet 6A ESC with BEC Features:

Smaller size, low unit weight. Use imported three-terminal regulator or high-quality power management module to provide BEC voltage, with a strong ability to load and BEC output with short circuit protection,undo short circuit to restore the output.
4-layer PCB board, lower internal resistance, less heat.


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