Carbon Propeller 9.5×2.5i Introduction:

Carbon Propeller 9.5×2.5i is ideal for lightweight F3P models. It is made in Czech Republic by PT-models. Larger diameter combined with lower pitch provide better airplane braking in down lines. It help to achieve more constant flying speed. We recommend to run this propeller with NP feather motor and Super Trino. Indoor model propeller line characterized by their high strength, efficiency and the world’s largest assortment. 9.5×2.5i designed for models weight to 120g. As a result of lower weight airplane performance will improve. 

Secure use notes:

Model airplane propellers are dangerous. Ignoring reasonable safeguards is not smart.  Once connected to power source, always treat the propeller with respect.  

PT models story:

PT model founded by Pavel Tošovský on 1 June 2002. It operates in markets all around the world. PT model produces carbon propellers and accessories for radio controlled airplane models. High efficiency, toughness and low weight are characteristic features of PT model propellers. The whole range of products results from long-term development and testing modern technologies. High quality certified materials used for production to maintain high quality and accuracy of the products. Furthermore PT model deals with custom-made production of laminated prototypes, moulds, CNC milling and custom-made production of semi-finished models.


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