Alexey Lantsov 15 inch adjustable pitch props for coaxial system


Set consists of 2 pcs (right and left turn)

Weight per set – 4.5 grams (±0.3 grams)

For Alexey Lantsov coaxial thrust systems:

  • AL12/80 1S
  • AL12/120 2S

Thrust from 0 to 200 grams

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Alexey Lantsov 15 inch adjustable pitch props is another huge step in development of top class F3P thrust systems. In today’s top class F3P competition models no compromise thrust efficiency should be combined with good braking in down lines. It is desired to obtain both from trust unit alone. The more braking is achieved from propellers the less additional aerodynamic brakes is required to slow down model in down lines, the cleaner and more smooth model performs in high difficulty maneuvers. Alexey noticed, that for every single model depending on its weight, design and other characteristics sweat spot of a propeller pitch where both braking and thrust are optimal, is a little bit different. Therefore in his new development he designed possibility to adjust pitch. Also possibility to set different pitch for front and back crews allows to find optimal combination when in torque rolls model hangs stable without tendency to roll in one direction.

Aircrews are produced using sandwich technology, foam core is covered with carbon fiber and glass fiber composite. Holders are CNC machined from hi grade aluminum alloy. The result is extremely lightweight, rigid and full of functionality propeller unit.

As starting point we suggest to set 15 degrees pitch measured at 90 mm from the center.


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