AL13-110/16 1S coaxial thrust system with 16 inch props for F3P.


For F3P models with recommended optimal weight up to 60g

Weight 13,5  +-0,5 grams (Depending on propeller option: lightest for 1s and reinforced for 2s)
Thrust 110 grams
Recommended models weight up to 60 grams

Input voltage up to 4,2 V 1S Lipo

Approximate flight time for 38 g AUW model  with 120mAh 1s battery and 16″ props-  7-8 min. Actual flight time may wary depending on your flight style and amount of brakes used.

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AL13-110/16 1S coaxial thrust system introduction. 

AL13-110/16 1S coaxial thrust system is latest product by Mr. Alexey Lantsov.  New version with 16 inch props have improved motor. Unit is especially designed to turn large size propellers (example AL 16 inch propellers) with phenomenal efficiency. Once this system work with 16 inch wide profile propellers, it does provides up to 110 grams of thrust. These numbers are achieved with good quality 1S battery once (1S 120mah lypo is used). To achieve this result we recommend to use modified Mr. Risto 6 amps ESC.

Today it is almost impossible to imagine top class F3P model without coaxial thrust system. Benefits are clear: propellers torque moment is compensated so model makes left and right rolls precisely the same manner. Now torque rolls could be done easy to both directions which is a must for modern sequences. Airflow created by contra rotating props is less turbulent and all that allows to earn more so precious points from judges.

Alexey Lantsov made even more by combining outstanding flight characteristics with superb efficiency, lightweight and state of art engineering into one unit.

After many test flights we fell that AL13-110/16 1S coaxial thrust system is probably most efficient F3P thrust unit available today. Custom designed motor and propellers reduces power consumption to extremely low levels dramatically increasing flight time. This allows to use smaller batteries so saving weight and still have plenty of flight time reserve (Check technical information for more details).

Lower noise.

Friction gear not accidentally chosen by Alexey, having in mind that during thousands of flights in various conditions crashes happens even for most experienced pilots. When teeth’s of simple gears tend to rip during crash, friction gear simply slips saving whole unit. Another important feature of Alexey’s friction gear is its quietness. Hard to hear motor whiz creates atmosphere of peace and full concentration in a hall. Who knows, maybe it could make positive impression on judges.

Hi end materials yet simple maintenance.

Alexey is testing each new unit first on bench then on his model in the air. Only this way optimal weight to strength ratio for his systems can be achieved. This was possible only because of top quality materials used. Alexey selected CNC machined high grade aluminium alloys, titanium, carbon fibre.

Being state of the art equipment, AL13-110/16 1S coaxial thrust system  is very straight forward to use. Requires almost no maintenance and adjustment (only replace O rings of friction gear every few hundred flights). Just screw on, solder wires and ready to fly.

 In video below you can see Alexey performing AP-19 and AF-19 sequences IN A ROW ON THE SAME CHARGE of 120mAh 1S.



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