Brushless motor AXI 2203 RACE V2 GOLD LINE saver


Weight                                           19 g
No. of cells                           2 Li-Poly
RPM/V                          2300 RPM/V
Dimensions (∅ x L)       27,7×21 mm
Shaft diameter                      3,17 mm hollow steel

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GOLD LINE V2 is new generation of well known bullet proof AXI brushless outrunners. AXI 2203 RACE V2 GOLD LINE as all motors of this generation are more efficient and have integrated cooling system based on turbine effect keeps motor winding cooler up to 20%. State of art Schenk balancing machine is used to balance rotors, also thanks to high quality Japanese long lasting ball bearings motors run quitter.

AXI 2203 RACE V2 GOLD LINE was tuned especially for area of fast indoor aerobatic models. Three-point mounting lugs allows easy mounting to the fuselage of model and fast centering of motor. 3,17mm best quality hollow shaft is supported by two ball bearings. This motor is suitable particularly for light AIR RACE and fast aerobatic indoor models up to 170g in weight.

We use this motor where high performance should be combined with lightest possible setup. For example in our indoor show MXS models.

No. of cells      2 Li-Poly

RPM/V              2300 RPM/V

Max. efficiency                          75%

Max. efficiency current          3 – 7,5 A (>69%)

No load current                          0,55 A

Current capacity                        10A/20s

Internal Resistance                   220 mohm

Dimensions (∅ x L)                    27,7×21 mm

Shaft diameter                           3,17 mm

Weight              19 g

Max. Power    62 W


Recommended for:

Type of model

Maximal weight gr Lipo battery Current Max ESC




2s 9A/20s 8A mini

7″ x 3,5″



2s 10A 10A min


*Our personal experience with show models


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