AXI 2203/52 V2 GOLD LINE Brushless motor

AXI 2203/52 V2 GOLD LINE Brushless motor


Weight                                       20 g
No. of cells                          2 Li-Poly
RPM/V                         1525 RPM/V
Dimensions (∅ x L)    27,7×21 mm
Shaft diameter                  3,17 mm

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AXI 2203/52 V2 GOLD LINE Brushless motor introduction:

AXI xxxx/xx V2 is new generation of world wide known motors.  Motors produced by Czech Rep. based company AXI (also known as Model Motors). It has specialised in the development and production of electric motors for use in RC models of all types. AXI 2203/52 V2 GOLD LINE created for the light indoor aerobatic models. New three-point mounting lugs allows easy mounting to the fuselage of model and fast centring of motor. Two ball bearings support 3,17mm best quality shaft. 

Motor features:

AXI 2203/52 V2 GOLD LINE as all motors of this generation are more efficient and have integrated cooling system. That is based on turbine effect, it keeps motor winding cooler up to 20%. Also thanks to high quality Japanese long lasting ball bearings motors run quitter. Among the main benefits of AXI outrunner motors is the very high efficiency through a wide range of loads resulting in longer flight times. AXI motors with a rotating case have high torque characteristics and the ability to turn large diameter and high pitch propellers with high efficiency on direct drive. AXI out runners can operate at higher current levels and offer a very good weight/power ratio. 

Personal experience:

I personally use these motors for 13 years without a failure on flying field or competition. This motor is suitable particularly for light 3D and aerobatic or indoor show models. A while ago it was popular choice for bigger / heawier F3P models. I believe that AXI motors with their high quality of manufacturing, reliability and high technical specifications are one of the best available options on the market.

No. of cells      2 Li-Poly

RPM/V              1525 RMP/V

Max. efficiency                          75%

Max. efficiency current          2 – 5,5 A (>69%)

No load current                          0,4 A

Current capacity                        8 A/20 s

Internal Resistance                   390 mohm

Dimensions (∅ x L)                    27,5×21 mm

Shaft diameter                           3,17 mm

Weight              20 g

Max. Power    48 W


Recommended for:

Type of model Maximal weight gr Lipo battery Current Max ESC Propeller
Trainer 220 2s 8,5A/20s 8 8″x4,3″
3D 160 2s 8,5A/20s 8 8″x4,3″


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