AT2306 KV1900 by T-Motor


AT2306 KV1900 by T-Motor


Tested motor 2306 KV1900 Short shaft.

Unit weight: 27.34 grams (0.96 oz)

Motor dimensions: 28 x 27.5 mm

Internal resistance: 59 mΩ

Prop adapter: 5,5mm

Rates voltage: (Lypo) 2-3S

Max Power: (180S) 140 W

Peak current: 18A

Recommended light propellers: Carbon 8,5×4 ; 9×3

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I am happy to announce our partnership with famous electric motor manufacturer T-Motor. Prior placing T-Motor product in to our E-shop we did some serious testing and investigation. We are very happy with outcome, and I am sure our customers will also appreciate it. Great quality/performance for reasonable price. I think we will be joining forces in future to bring something new for F3P enthusiasts. 

AT2306 KV1900 introduction:

AT2306 KV1900 by T-Motor is very hi quality product.  AT is a professional line of bruschless motors designed and produced by T-Motor factory in China. T-Motor is very innovative factory, and produce top performance motors for various applications. I search for ideal small size, yet extremely well performing motor for outdoor 3D airplanes. Our  team have tested AT2306 motors over two months in demanding applications.  In my opinion 2306 size is missing in many bruschless motor producers line up. Most companies produce wide option of small indoor or big outdoor motors. 2306 size is simply ideal size for heavier (~250 grams )outdoor “shockfyers”. This is robust engine and only at 28 grams weight it delivers stunning performance. With good spec’s carbon propeller, motor will shine!

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Model will simply teleport to other location, as a result of moving throttle stick forward;) With this kind of power  you can fly 200-280 grams in fairly windy conditions. 

AT2306 KV1900 by T-Motor

Easy 4 screws mounting on Arrow 3D Trainer fiberglass motor mount.

AT2306 KV 1900 advantages:

  • Very well balanced and smooth running motor.
  • Super smooth start procedure.
  • Low noise.
  • Various propeller mounting options.
  • Rigid yet light weight construction.
  • Top materials.
  • Probably best quality /price ratio.

AT2306 KV1900 by T-Motor enameled wire

Military grade enameled wire that can withstand high temperatures used in AT line motors.

This wire is long lasting material with excellent fireproof characteristic’s.

Top quality custom made ball bearings from Japan.


Short sample video of AT 2306 KV1900 performance on 250 g Arrow 3D trainer from PP foam.

AT2306 KV1900 by T-Motor drawing

T-Motor company:

T-Motor Desk

T-MOTOR, a world renowned company, providing propulsion system solution for UAV with advanced technology is specializing in Motors, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controller) and Propellers.

Widely used for aerial photography, industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications, T-Motor products obtain high reputation for the high quality. Now company also focus on producing top level F3P motors.

T-MOTOR is a team of professionals that innovate with passion.


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