Lipo battery 550 mAh 3S1P 11.1V 95C 45g. R-Line by Tattu


Capacity: 550mAh
Number of cels: 3S
Voltage: 11.1V

C rating: 95

Max Charge Rate 5C

Weight (g): 45
Weight (oz): 1.55
Dimensions (mm): 63*18.5*21 mm

Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge plug: XT30

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Lipo battery 550 mAh 3S1P 11.1V 95C 45g. R-Line by Tattu

Lipo battery 550 mah  is small yet very powerful 3S option for lightweight (180-250 grams) 3D parkflyers. On Arrow PP trainer it can fly up to 5 minutes providing great power for hardcore 3D. Also we use this battery successfully to power LED lights in cockpits of our smaller outdoor airplanes.  R-Line batteries are designed for demanding drone racing scene. They will fell much more confident in less aggressive airplane applications.  95C provide solid power till the end of flight.

R-Line 550 Vertycal

R-Line Lipo battery 550 features:

  • Remarkable stacking technology enables single-cell capacities of 55 0mAh.
  • High discharge performance and high energy density.
  • Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials.
  • Local after-sales service (located in Dusseldorf, Germany).

R-Line Packing

Each battery come in a separate box with foam protection.

Lipo battery Safety:

  • ALWAYS monitor battery charging or discharging
  • ALWAYS charge battery in a fireproof location
  • DO NOT expose battery to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, or place in direct contact with any liquids
  • ALWAYS store battery at room temperature in cool or shaded area. Temperatures exceeding 170F may cause damage to battery and cause a fire
  • DO NOT use the battery if any LiPo cell in the pack has been physically damaged, swells, leaks, or over 160F(71C) in temperature
  • DO NOT discharge the battery at current exceeding the max discharge current. Improper discharge may result in battery deterioration, burst, swell or even cause fire
  • ONLY use LiPo specific chargers to charge only. DO NOT charge the battery at voltage exceeding 4.2V/cell and charge current exceeding the Max charge rate
  • NEVER disassemble, puncture, shock, crash, short or put battery in the fire
  • ALWAYS  remove battery from a model prior charging.
  • Another important tip, ALWAYS store battery in a secure location away from children
  • Make sure you use Li-Po battery packs together with the Low Voltage Buzzer. Because it can help avoid damaging Li-Po battery packs by over-discharging.
  • Finally do not forget to charge the battery pack after use till approx. 3.85V/cell for long-term storage.

Bulk buy/special offer:

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