CA Glues from Loctite, Super Attak Precision (5g)


CA Glues from Loctite, Super Attak Precision (5g)


Suitable for EPP, EPO and Depron foams

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After testing many different adhesive options over the years we come to conclusion that Loctite Super Attak Precision CA (Cyanoacrylate) Glue is ideal solution to fix carbon to carbon. Our F3P carbon models are build using this highest quality CA glues. Small amount of CA glues is enough to secure and keep carbon rods in place. Despite this we still recommend to use kevlar threat to secure each joint.  This universal glue is also ideal for bonding wood, epp foam, rubber,  or plastic. CA glues are supplied in high quality soft plastic bottles with 5 gram content. Besides this bottle have very long tip and special cap, this ensure:

  • Easy and precise dosing
  • Long tip help to reach difficult areas 
  • The dropper is sealed in the closed state perfectly and at the same time kept free of adhesive residues: no clogging tip!

Other product features and important information:

  • Full instructions for use on reverse of packaging.
  • Transparent for invisible bonds. This helps to have great looking finish.
  • Bonds in seconds. Kicker use is not required.
  • Loctite CA Glue precision provides fast, strong and durable solutions for everyday gluing tasks at your workshop.
  • This glue is not for depron foam, it is not foam safe.
  • Please take care during use.


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