Hobby knife + spare blades

Hobby knife + spare blades


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Hobby knife + spare blades introduction:

Hobby knife + spare blades set is ideal for any modeler. It consist of one metal frame and 10 hi quality 9 mm sharp blades. Blades are produced by Latvian company Edward. These blades can cut very well such materials as depron, EPP, PP, Balsa wood or paper. Metal knife frame will serve you for a very long time, unlike cheap plastic units that do brake easy under pressure. Once I build F3P plane like Super Trino or carbon Victory I always use this knife in various operations.  

Safety tips when using hobby knife:

  • Keep sharp blade retracted when it is not in use. This hobby knife knife has a sharp blade that can injure anybody who touches it by accident. As soon as you complete a cutting job, retract the blade into its metal housing. Never pass on the blade to someone else as soon as you finish cutting. The other person’s hand may get a severe cut. Make it a practice to store utility knives in a closed, protected location with your other tools. 
  • Check the condition of cutting blade and metal frame frequently.
  • Keep your body and specially fingers away from Cutting line. Always focus on keeping your hand and the rest of your body away from the cutting line.
  • Use protective gloves.
  • Work on a stable surface.
  • Avoid talking with someone.
  • Do not look away when cutting.
  • Avoid using Hobby knife for unsuitable tasks. Remember this is a knife not a screwdriver or scraper. 


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