Ultralight connectors for F3P batteries



Male side gold plated

Maximal tested voltage – 8,4 V

Maximal tested current – 3,0 A

Provides enough fixation for batteries up to 3,7 grams connected directly to ESC, in this case additional holder for battery is not required.

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These are ultralight connectors that we use in our lightest F3P models to connect Lipo batteries 1 or 2 cells.

We recommend to use these connectors when Voltage is up to 8,4 V and current is up to 3 amps. Probably these connectors can handle more, but these are parameters that we are absolutely sure about.

For batteries up to 3,7 grams (when we connect battery directly to ESC without intermediate wires) these connectors provide very good fixation and doesn’t require additional battery holder.

We have chosen these particular ones out of huge amount of similar products, and would like to suggest You as our recommendation.


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