AMTECH soldering flux is considered one of the best for soldering small electronic’s. It is must have material for serious F3P builder.

Highest priority in modern F3P models is weight saving. Almost all electronic must be soldered by pilot/builder. We try to make wires shorter, get rid of bigger connectors , receivers pins and so on. All this just to safe few extra grams, and eventually brag about lowest RTF weight. All this result in multiple soldering points on your plane. In order to have great final result “clean” soldering work is necessary. Amtech soldering flux help us reach this result. It’s properties provide great base for good quality soldering joint. No need to tell that last thing you want in competition is soldering joint failure. 

Applications in F3P

We use this flux in all soldering applications like:

Technical spec’s

  • Flux results in dissolving oxidation
  • Wide work process window – come back next day and continue where you left off. 
  • Genuine product made in the USA 
  • Soldering flux is contained in clear plastic 10cc syringe.
  • AMTECH NWS-4200-LF-TF is lead-free

Solder safe

Last but not least, please take care of yourself once soldering. Modellers with poor soldering skills are afraid of damaging RC equipment, but far more important is the danger to yourself and people surrounding you! Tip of soldering irons get really hot (30 watts iron reach up to 450 degrees of Celsius). Be careful with your hands, protect your eyes (wear safety glasses). Once you done soldering be sure to wash your hands carefully with soap. Personally i work in a very well-ventilated room. I want to avoid the fumes of soldering process, no need to say it is harmful once they reach your lungs when inhaled. Soldering F3P equipment is not so difficult. You just need to have patience, practice, keep a steady hand, and be safe.


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