Soft F3P motor mount (Adjustable/0.91g)


Soft F3P motor mount is suitable for indoor planes. 

Light (40-70 g) F3P planes.

Mid weight Aeromusical planes (Up to 200 g).

Unit weight 0.91 grams

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Soft F3P motor mount (Adjustable) introduction:

  This motor mount is ideal option for light (10-30 g) electric motor mounting for F3P planes made from 3mm depron or full carbon. Light 2mm plastic screws allow adjustments to be made in both vertical and horizontal axis. Precise motor angle adjustment is very important if you desire to have excellent flying aerobatic airplane. In addition silicon rings work as a soft mount and reduce motor/propeller vibrations.

Soft F3P motor mount (Adjustable) kit content:

Four 2mm x 8mm diameter plastic screws. (Phillips style head)

Eight pieces of 3 × 70 × 0.13 mm  DPP carbons trips.

Four silicon rings.

Two pieces of kevlar thread.

All set weight is 0,91 grams  (In stock/strong form for aeromusical models).

With small modification for F3P models it can be less than 0,4 grams.

Above mentioned weight is only when all four motor mount leg’s are used. 


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