40% Pilot RC Decathlon review

40% Pilot RC Decathlon review

Interest in RC scale soaring is slowly growing in Lithuania, so reliable and big towing airplane became quite necessary in my hangar. Naturally I could adjust my favorite 104 inch Extreme Flight RC Extra for such purpose, but this does not seem right;) I believe hi end sport car’s should not be used as towing truck. After researching I stop at 40% Pilot RC Decathlon. This is not typical boring trainer type / towing airplane. Full scale Decathlon can perform basic aerobatic maneuver and hold up to + 6g/-5 g . This mean with right RC equipment this model sure will perform more advanced maneuvers and give many pleasant moments in flying field. I am sure with powerful engine this model will be great for almost any size glider towing and some unusual air show flights. Final drop that help me to make up my mind was this video:

I just did not like existing color schemes for this model. I contacted my friend from Belgium Mr. Bert Delaere ( www.aerobertics.be ). I ask him could he order for me 40% bright green Decathlon. Bert was very helpful and reach Mr. Tony from Pilot RC with my request. Next thing I know special airplane was on the way from China to Belgium. Really top service from both Pilot RC factory and Mr. Bert!

Last week good friend (Rene Maes) from Belgium travel to Lithuania with his trailer. So after few phone calls plane was already driving towards new home in Lithuania. Special thanks to Rene for safe plane delivery;)

I plan to build my Pilot RC Decathlon for next spring/summer. Plane will be powered by Desert Aircraft engine, surfaces will be controlled with Hitec servos, for guidance I will use my Spectrum DX18 radio. All electronic’s naturally will be powered by Power box unit, after all this baby will have at least 11 servos. I will keep you updated with building process more pictures and eventually some videos. So far here are few first fresh pictures

Airplane technical details:

Wing span: 3,81cm (150)

Fuselage: 2,58 (102)

Weight around: 17kg


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