Mercury Adhesives, best CA products i tested!

Mercury Adhesives, best CA products i tested!

I’m happy to announce that i have new sponsor from USA, well known “Mercury adhesives“, young company that already made good name in our hobby. Mercury adhesives produce wide line of CA glues, CA activators/debonders, epoxy, threadlocks, teflon applicator tips, (that are really useful when you need to use CA glues in hard reachable place).

Soon MA will celebrate second birthday! And one thing deserve to be mentioned about MA, that only this company actually manufacture CA in USA with own laboratories and factories!

Few month ago i had chance to test M100F foam friendly glues and MH16 Accelerator from MA. I was really impressed with quality of this product, specially nice touch wasunique never clogging cap. You have to agree when you pay for product you wan’t to use it all.

Since my biggest interest is F3P, i build ALLOT of foam planes, for example only last indoor season i build 5 Sultimates, and this season i already build 5 more aeromusical planes . Doing this i had chance to test many different companies foam friendly glues. Most of them was ok, but still each glue/activator had some small weakness. Funny case i saw quite often with foam friendly CA, when glues actualy eat foam slowly…;)

Also its very frustrating, when you spend many hours on good looking airbrush, and during repair activator ore CA glues wash away your work: thin lines made with CD-R marker ore even worse airbrushed acrylic paint… And all company products i tested had same biggest problem, with bottles becoming foul and stuck to cover real bad….Naturally i will not mention companies name, it would be not correct ?

M100F foam friendly glues and MH16 Accelerator from MA

Really ussefull thing for any serious builder, new MA Cady with all production line (Mercury Caddy, M5T 1oz, M300M 1 oz, M1100G 1 oz, M100XF 1oz, M3500FL 1oz, M100F 1oz, M1000F 10z, 4 pack assorted Thread locks). Retail value of this set is 102$, but when you buy it together in Cady package it will cost you 79,99$. Read nice MA Cady review.

Only thing i can suggest, don’t hold your accelerator and demonder in cady all the time, any activator is very active chamical, and it will shorten glues life if you hold it together for longer period. MA have some good advices about CA glues in FAQ section, i suggest you to read it.

  • MA Cady Set

    MA Cady Set

  • Threadlock SET, different in viscosity and strength.

    Threadlock SET, different in viscosity and strength.

  • Ussual standar bottle problem.

    Ussual standar bottle problem.
    Top of bottle stick hard to cover, this make mess and slow down work on your models.

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