Extreme Flight RC 78 Extra 300

Extreme Flight RC 78 Extra 300

Without doubt Extreme Flight RC 78 inch Extra 300 is my favorite outdoor airplane so far. I use this model for F6A (Artistic Aerobatic).

This plane is another brilliant design by Chris Hinson. 78 inch is just perfect size, it combine quite agile flying characterystic’s of smaller plane, but with right setup it can be great IMAC type pattern machne. Such qualities create perfect freestyle airplane.

  • Wingspan: 195cm (78 inches)
  • Length: 190cm (76 inches)
  • Weight: 11.5 – 13 lbs.
  • Power: AXI 5325/16 with APC 22 x 10
  • Battery: Desire Power 35c 6S 5200

Very big control surfaces deliver crisp, authoritative command of the Extra with instantaneous response to every stick input. Wing area and airfoil were carefully chosen to provide optimal wing loading for aggressive 3D maneuvering while still allowing for crisp and proper snap roll performance.

The light weight wing panels allow for instant and accurate snap recovery and damping and make point rolls effortless. The included Side Force Generators add additional stability and increased authority in side slip (knife edge) maneuvers.

I highly recommend to test SFG’s for everyone, it sure make noticeable difference in Flight.

Plane is designed to use electric set up that delivers 2600-3000 watts on 10S using an APC 22×10 (depending on battery and motor used) and a matching 90 Amp or higher controller.

In 2009 i participate in World Air Games with this model, and there was 5 kg limit for this class. That’s why i select lightweight option from AXI. AXI5325/16 motor run with 6s lypo battery.

This is good option for competition use, when i need to fly 4 minutes routine. 4000 mah battery is enought for 4:30 minutes in calm day, for windy day i use Desire power 35C 5200 mah batteries.

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