Beveling tool

Beveling tool

I mentioned that i will show “Know how” tricks in near future, so here it is very useful tool for foam planes builders Beveling tool. With it you can easily make even good looking 45 degree angle cut outs on ailerons, elevator, rudder and torque box lines. It is very easy to build and use.

Here is items you will need to build this tool:

  • 3 ore 6mm balsa sheet ( depending on what thickness depron you will use).
  • Sharp shawing blade, as you see yu will have two parts from one blade.
  • Balsa stick ~10x10mm
  • Jigsaw for 45degree balsa stick cutting.
  • Template for 45 degree cutting ( it also can be 60 degree, its dfeppend of what your needs is).
  • CA gluess.

Cut balsa parts as shown in picture, from top left:

  • 70mmx20mmx3mm balsa sheet.
  • Balsa stick ~ 30x10x10mm balsa stick cut in two 45degree pieces.
  • 1/2 shawing blade.
  • 70mmx50mmx3mm balsa sheet with 20mmx17mm cutout.

Glue 45degree balsa sticks as shown in picture.

Glue blade to one of BT parts as shown in picture. For best cutting performance i suggest to place blad by ~45 degree angle.

Glue two parts together and make sure other side of blade is glued to balsa stick as well


Glue one more ~15x50mm flat balsa sheet to make sure depron is always in place when you cut it, do this as show in picture. That’s it you have one more usefull tool for your foam planes. Ussing same technique you can build toll that can cut any thickness depron bu any angle.


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