VIDEO: MiniLAK/FES bright future!

VIDEO: MiniLAK/FES bright future!

At the end of August I received invitation to visit the famous Pociūnai airfield situated in the middle of Lithuania to make video for new glider Mini LAK. This airfield is really important for the recreational aviation of Lithuania. Hundreds of various competitions were already held in this big field during the last several decades. The last major event – the World Gliding Championship – was organized in summer 2016. Popularity of this airfield and glider sports in Lithuania is not coincidental.

A unique factory “Sportine Aviacija ir Ko” is located next to the airfield. This is a glider factory with a very rich history. “Sportine Aviacija ir Ko” continue traditions and build gliders for more than 40 years already. All started with first composite glider BK-7 LIETUVA and grew up to the modern LAK-17B and Mini LAK with FES. This mini LAK is a new generation FAI 13,5 m class sailplane. The mini LAK is made of hybrid composite materials such as kevlar, carbon, and glass fibre. The wing span is made of modern carbon rods GRAPHLITE SM315 and has a double T section. The  weight  of  each  wing  panel is just 38  kg.

Last year Mr. Vladas Motuza won silver medal in the first World Championship in 13,5 m class. It was a remarkable achievement with the glider which was just pushed out from the factory. This year Mr. Mačiulis and his team introduced a new generation full scale glider with FES system. FES stands for Front Electric Sustainer. In other words, small and efficient brushless electric motor pull glider. With this system new light glider is capable of self launching from pretty much any airfield. Even grass runway is OK for this glider. Higher landing gear and relatively small 1 meter propeller provide enough clearance for safe operation. Moreover, it allows pilot to explore low thermals safely. I was invited by Mr. Vytas to make promotional video for new Mini Lak. I took my Extreme Flight RC Laser 60 and had unique chance to fly around and make some interesting shoots. Please enjoy:

Pictures by O.Valkauskienė

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  • LASER EXP (1)

    LASER EXP (1)

  • LASER EXP (3)

    LASER EXP (3)

  • Donatas Paužuolis

    Donatas Paužuolis

  • LASER EXP (5)

    LASER EXP (5)

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Pictures by O.Valkauskienė

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