Germany 2016 F3P championship

Germany 2016 F3P championship

Already 16 times German model flying association (DMFV) call top European modellers to compete in open Germany championship called F3P Deutsche Meisterschaft. Almost all top pilots arrive to the event, total 9 countries (Germany, France, Netherlands, Czech Rep, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria) were represented.

It was not Fai event so rules are bit different from what we see in World championships or other hi level FAI contest. Instead of final sequence, two unknown rounds were flown. For final result best two scores from preliminary and best one score from final are added together.

Looks like this year more and more people switch to carbon airframes. This make sense when you have in mind how long they last and how well they fly. It was specially pleasant to see that 5 out of 10 top pilots select our Victory model to compete in this top event. Also number of pilots using 1S setup rising up, compared with previous years. It was noticeable that bigger diameter propellers are more and more popular. Well balanced system provide noticeable braking in down lines. So I am quite sure in future w will see more 15-16 inch or even bigger propellers. 

It is great to see that our hobby/sport evolve and equipment become so advanced. Down side for this is lack of young generation getting in to F3P, since it become to expensive and difficult to build. And again DMFV with Mr. Jurgen Heilig try to solve this problem by setting minimum weight limit for beginner class. From next year minimum of 100g for RTF model will be set, together with no coaxial system option. This is done to make entry class more affordable. I think this is good idea, and we are looking forward for next year competition!

My preliminary round flight

Preliminary round flight by Gernot Bruckman

Preliminary round flight by Markus Zolitsch

Preliminary round flight by Felix Scanders

Unknown sequence by Donatas Pauzuolis

Unknown sequence by Gernot Bruckman


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