F3P Lithuanian Open Championship 2019 in Alytus

 Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to 2019 Lithuania Open F3P Championship.

Competition schedule (Dienotvarkė):

6:15-8:15Treniruočių skrydžiai/ Training flights
7:30-8:15Dalyvių registracija/ Registration of participants
8:15-8:25Varžybų atidarymas/ Opening ceremony
8:25-8:30Testinis skrydis teisėjams F3P-C/ Warm-up flight F3P-C
8:30-9:00F3P-C 1 turas/ F3P-C 1 round
9:00-9:05Testinis skrydis teisėjams F3P-AA/ Warm-up flight F3P-AA
9:05-9:20F3P-AA 1 turas/ F3P-AA 1 round
9:20-9:25Testinis skrydis F3P-AP/ Warm-up flight F3P-AP
9:25-10:35F3P-AP 1 turas/ F3P-AP 1 round
10:35-11:05F3P-C 2 turas/ F3P-C 2 round
11:05-11:20F3P-AA 2 turas/ F3P-AA 2 round
11:20-12:30F3P-AP 2 turas/ F3P-AP 2 round
12:30-13:30Teisėjų pietų pertrauka/ Judges‘ lunch brake
12:30-12:50Mini konkursas vaikams/ Mini competition for children
12:50-13:30“Fun flying” pusvalandis/ “Fun flying” half hour
13:30-14:00F3P-C 3 turas/ F3P-C 3 round
14:00-14:15F3P-AA 3 turas/ F3P-AA 3 round
14:15-15:25F3P-AP 3 turas/ F3P-AP 3 round
15:25-16:00Treniruočių skrydžiai F3P-AF/ Training flights F3P-AF (50% pilots, 5 min each)
16:00-16:05Testinis skrydis F3P-AF/ Warm-up flight F3P-AF
16:05-16:40F3P-AF 1 turas/ F3P-AF 1 round
16:40-17:15F3P-AF 2 turas/ F3P-AF 2 round
17:30-17:45Varžybų uždarymas/ Closing ceremony
19:30Banquet in hotel “Vaidila” (Address: Rotuses square 12, Alytus 62141)

Schedules will be flown:

FAI AP19, FAI AF19, FAI AA19 (minimum 3 competitors are required for each class), CLUB (C-Shedule).

Competition Bulletin in English. Bulletin in Lithuanian.

Contest judges:

C Class:

1.Paulius Raupys (Lithuania)

2.Evgeniy Prokofyev (USA)

3.Dave Lockhart (USA)

FAI, AA Class:

1.Ignas Matulevičius (Lithuania)

2.Vaidas Matulevičius (Lithuania)

3.Anatolij Glotkin (Russia)

Championship participants:

2019 02 10

FAI pattern class:

1. Dave Lockhart (USA)

2. Alexey Lantsov (Russia)

3. Zilvinas Lapacinskas (Lithuania, Kaunas)

4. Donatas Paužuolis (Lithuania, Vilnius)

5. Paulius Raupys (Lithuania, Kaunas)

6. Artūras Narbutas (Lithuania, Kaunas)

7. Risto Holtta (Finland)

8. Dmitry Starastov (Russia)

9. Evgeniy Prokofyev (Russia)

10. Aleksei Lapshin (Russia)

11. Igor Shilov (Russia)

12. Evgeniy Medkov (Russia) 

13. Adam Koszalka (Poland) 

14. Jakub Muranowicz (Poland)

Advanced class:

1. Edvin Penarts (Estonia)

2. Tarmo Greenbaum (Estonia)

3. Kuno Lepind (Estonia)

C class:

1. Saulius Jasiulevičius (Lithuania, Vilnius)

2. Ilja Voronov (Lithuania, Alytus)

3. Algimantas Vasiliauskas (Lithuania, Kaunas)

4. Aleksandras Vizbaras (Lithuania, Vilnius)

5. Vladimir Čeredničenko (Lithuania, Kaunas)

Competition will be held in Alytus Sport and Recreation Center where this video was taken in 2017 year.

Note, in this video is just to demonstrate hall size. Small mistake is made in maneuver nr.8 ( Trombone ).

Here are correct videos of sequences that will be flown in our championship:

F3P-AP Preliminary:

F3P-AF (Final):

C sequence:

Aeromusical demonstrations and special contest for kids will be performed before FAI class final flights:

For urgent question you can contact Donatas by phone: +37065645888

The event is ongoing.


2019 Feb 16


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