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Colibri F3P carbon plane by Dmitry, full building story

My friend Dmitry Starostov from Moscow developed his own design F3P carbon plane. Since Shaped carbon rod technology was available, his idea was to take this opportunity to create his own design model. So F3P Colibri Carbon was born. Some specs: Span 900mm Fuselage lenght 1040 mm AUW 43.5 gr with 130 mAh 1S battery Some materials list: Shaped carbon fiber rods 0.5 mm Standard carbon rods 0.5 and 0.28 mm Coaxial system New prototype RES-371gm, airscrews RES-15" Servos SPEKTRUM 2010 Please enjoy this build tutorial which is documented in detailed images by Dmitry. We will update this post with build progress. Also you can visit his site. Flight video Finished modelDSC01621Finished modelDSC01617Maiden...

Painting foamies

Most people think that for good looking painted foamie you need expencive airbrush and expert skills, i try to show this wrong opinion. Anyone can paint foamie using foam friendly spray cans, stencils and markers. With little patient and few hours of work you can have foamie that will look maybe even better than some airbrush work! Here is some examples ant tips, all planes are painted with spray cans

Beveling tool

I mentioned that i will show "Know how" tricks in near future, so here it is very useful tool for foam planes builders Beveling tool. With it you can easily make even good looking 45 degree angle cut outs on ailerons, elevator, rudder and torque box lines. It is very easy to build and use. Here is items you will need to build this tool: 3 ore 6mm balsa sheet ( depending on what thickness depron you will use). Sharp shawing blade, as you see yu will have two parts from one blade. Balsa stick ~10x10mm Jigsaw for 45degree balsa stick cutting. Template for 45 degree cutting ( it also can...