Past Events

SOIM 2017 F3P, FAI World cup contest

Only 2 weeks until World Championship I have visited another great competition: Swiss Open Indoor Masters 2017 (SOIM 2017). Huge hall, great competitors and excellent organization. It was real pleasure to be here. For Your attention this short story in pictures and some video highlights of my flights.

Germany 2016 F3P championship

Already 16 times German model flying association (DMFV) call top European modellers to compete in open Germany championship called F3P Deutsche Meisterschaft. Almost all top pilots arrive to the event, total 9 countries (Germany, France, Netherlands, Czech Rep, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria) were represented.

Jase Dussia, road to victory in Clover Creek invitational 2016

This short story/contest report about young man Jase Dussia and his road to victory. Let's hear new champion opinion about his new killer freestyle plane from 3D hobby shop/Extreme Flight RC and few words about prestigious Clover Creek invitational freestyle contest.

Lithuania F3A/F6A 2016 championship

Every July Lithuania aeromodelling federation invite RC aerobatic enthusiasts to Lithuania open championship in classic pattern and artistic aerobatic. This year competition was held in Klaipėda, city located next to Baltic sea. Location and time were selected close to famous week long „Sea fest“ in Klaipėda. It was great to see competitors from five countries (Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and naturally Lithuania).

Strasbourg FAI F3P event

Each second year FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) organizes World Championship for indoor aerobatics. First two championships were held in Germany, Coburg (2013) and Poland, Pruszkow (2015). As an unofficial ‘rule’ year before World Championship hosts organize a test event. It always attracts best European pilots, and this event can be called ‘Unofficial European Championship’. Next WC will be held in Strasbourg, France. So FAI and Aéro-Club de Brumath organized test event at February 20th and 21st, 2016. It became main F3P event this indoor flying season and attracted 48 pilots from thirteen countries from all over the Europe. This pictures and videos will give...

World Air Games 2015 in Dubai

World Air Games is FAI’s (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) flagship event – more attractive and important than any other aviation event including world championship. To this date 4 successful WAG events were organized. Very first time WAG was held in Turkey in 1997, followed by Spain in 2001, then Italy in 2009 and UAE in 2015. This event combine all air sports and gather best of the best from aerobatics, aeromodeling, aerostats, amateur built and experimental aircraft’s, general aviation, gliding, microlights, parachuting, paragliding, rotorcraft, and paramotor worlds. The most attractive/dynamic categories are selected from each discipline. They must be entertaining for spectators and at same...

2013 World F3P championship, GERMANY

Finally it is official, very first FAI F3P championship is here! I am writing this short article from Coburg, Germany. Each day I will try to upload set of pictures we made, here are the first ones, enjoy. Today (2013.02.02) was very first day and most of teams were here already. Competitions staff made very well organised practice, we looking forward for two more days of practice and then competition will start. Total 49 pilots will participate in this competition.


IITOP (International Indoor Tournament of Paris) became very known F3P competition in Europe. For the first time it was organized in 2010 . Since then every year it grows bigger and becomes better. After competitions in 2010 and 2011, the contest is now recognized internationally and it is a major event in the indoor acrobatic world. IITOP regroups the best F3P pilots in Europe. This competition is official FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) competition and contest was organized by the French club “Les Clayes du Ciel”. The contest was held in the town of “Les Clayes sous Bois“, about 40 km from Paris and 12 km...

2011 XFC, USA

Futaba 2011 XFC (Extreme flight championship), was my last event during my 2011 summer visit to the USA. This event has a long history and was started in 2002 by Mr. Frank Noll and supported by Futaba RC equipment suppliers. XFC is unique for several reasons; firstly this event combines RC helicopters and airplanes, two very different classes of RC models. Secondly it is the only freestyle competition in the world that includes some mandatory pattern manoeuvres. Both airplane and helicopter pilots have to create two four minute routines, one is called known and second one unknown. IITOP regroups the best F3P pilots in Europe. This...