About me

Who Am I

My name is Donatas Paužuolis, I live in Vilnius, Lithuania. My hobby and biggest passion is radio controlled aerobatic models.

I’ve started flying my first 2 channel radio controlled glider and full scale training glider for kids LAK-16m when I turned 11 (in 1995). These initial steps were encouraged by my father Rimutis Paužuolis – a great modeller with more than 45 years’ experience.

Rimutis Paužuolis was coaching Lithuanian control line F2B (air combat) team during the early days of his carrier. This team took third place (in 1980) and first place (in 1981) in the competitions where the best sportsmen from the whole Soviet Union took part in. It was a huge achievement for my father and for Lithuania. Rimutis shared his knowledge with me and spent a lot of time teaching me how to build and fly models. I am still learning from him every day.

Amazing places

Thanks to the wonderful aeromodelling hobby I had a chance to visit many amazing countries.

I’ve calculate 23 different countries: the USA, the UAE, China, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, The Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Latvia , Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. And the list is still growing! I am always looking forward for the new trips, adventures related to RC world.

Incredible people

One of the biggest qualities of model aircraft flying is that this hobby can take you to many different places you would have never visited as a regular person.

For me, personally, the best part of the modelling related travelling is a chance to meet amazing people from all over the world. Here are just a few of them. I am very lucky that life brought us together, I am happy to be able to call them friends. If you see them on the flying field – stop to say hello and I am sure you will have a great conversation and make a new friend!

– F3P world championship 2019 (Greece, Crete Island) Aeromusical champion,

– F3P world championship 2019 (Greece, Crete Island ) second place,

– F3P world championship 2017 (France, Strasbourg ) third place,

– World Air Games 2015 (UAE, Dubai) F3P-AM (Aeromusical) Champion,

– F3P world championship 2015 (Poland, Pruszkow ) third place,

– F3P world championship 2013 (Germany, Coburg) second place,

– World Air Games 2009 (Italy, Turin) F6A (Artistic Aerobatic) Champion,

– World Air Games 2009 (Italy, Turin) F6B (Aeromusical) third place,

  • Futaba XFC 2011 , second place,
  • National champion for 39 times, in 5 different categories (F3A, F3P, F3P-AM, F3K, F6A) Since 2005 till 2019
  • International indoor tournament of Paris 2011, 2012, 2014 F3P-AM champion
  • International indoor tournament of Paris 2011, F3P-AM first place, F3P-A second place.
  • International indoor tournament of Paris 2010, F3P-AM second place.
  • Finland F3P-AM champion, 2012, 2014
  • Finland F3P-A champion, 2014
  • German F3P-AM champion, 2010, 2018
  • German F3P champion, 2018
  • Belarus F3A champion 2010, 2011
  • Belarus F3P champion 2010, 2011
  • Belarus F3P-AM champion 2011
  • Electric Tournament of Champions 2011, 3th place,
  • Electric Tournament of Champions 2010, finalist 4th place,
  • UK Electric Indoor Masters 2009, Pattern Champion (F3P-A),
  • Wallhalla Netherlands, 2008 F3P-AM winner,
  • Carvin 2007 F3P-AM winner,
  • 6 times F3A Lithuania cup of the year winner (FAI) 2005 – 2010,
  • Aalst 3D college indoor event Belgium F3P-AM winner 2006 and 2008,
  • XTIC champion, Spain 2012.
  • Indoor Fest 2009 (CZ) F3P-AM Champion,
  • Clover Creek invitational pilot, 2010.