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Mercury Adhesives, best CA products i tested!

Durring my 2010 summer stay in USA i had chance to fly with Extreme Flight RC Vanquish prototype. This is hi level F3A plane for very afordable price. Durring first flight in Atlanta i was surprised how awesome this plane is. I hit almost all snaps perfect in very first flight. So i knew i have to have this plane in my hangar and use it durring new F3A season.


IITOP (International Indoor Tournament of Paris) became very known F3P competition in Europe. For the first time it was organized in 2010 . Since then every year it grows bigger and becomes better. After competitions in 2010 and 2011, the contest is now recognized internationally and it is a major event in the indoor acrobatic world. IITOP regroups the best F3P pilots in Europe. This competition is official FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) competition and contest was organized by the French club “Les Clayes du Ciel”. The contest was held in the town of “Les Clayes sous Bois“, about 40 km from Paris and 12 km...