Monthly Archives - May 2010

2010 Propeller 3D show, RUSSIA

In autumn of 2010 myself and my good friends Ricardas, Evaldas and Ignas were invited to fly in big 3D show near Moscow in Foresta Torpicana hotel. TV reports about fire around Moscow and smoke all over the place, were not very nice, but we decide to go, and i can say this was right decission. Weather for show was perfect and no sigh of smoke ore fire next to Foresta Tropicana hotel airfield. IITOP regroups the best F3P pilots in Europe. This competition is official FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) competition and contest was organized by the French club “Les Clayes du Ciel”. The contest...

2010 Clover Creek invitational, USA

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