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F3P Schedules for 2018 2019 seasons AP, AF, AA

Hi F3P enthusiasts. Please find attached F3P schedules AP-19, AF-19 and AA-19 with maneuver descriptions and Aresti. While these are still not official are received directly from FAI F3A chairman. We share these F3P diagrams while considering that some minor changes are possible in official version. Preliminary AP-19 F3P schedule AP-19 maneuver description F3P schedule AP-19 Aresti Final F3P schedule AF-19 maneuver description F3P schedule AF-19 Aresti Sport F3P schedule AA-19 maneuver description F3P schedule AA-19 Aresti   Happy training!!!


SOIM 2017 F3P, FAI World cup contest

Only 2 weeks until World Championship I have visited another great competition: Swiss Open Indoor Masters 2017 (SOIM 2017). Huge hall, great competitors and excellent organization. It was real pleasure to be here. For Your attention this short story in pictures and some video highlights of my flights.


Germany 2016 F3P championship

Already 16 times German model flying association (DMFV) call top European modellers to compete in open Germany championship called F3P Deutsche Meisterschaft. Almost all top pilots arrive to the event, total 9 countries (Germany, France, Netherlands, Czech Rep, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria) were represented.