Donatas Design F3P biplane Citrino (Yellow)

Donatas Design F3P biplane Citrino (Yellow)


Depron foam KIT of Donatas Design F3P biplane Citrino

This product includes light Depron foam parts, painted and milled for weight saving, set of carbon rods, thin fiberglass hardware set, step by step building manual.

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We are very happy to introduce F3P biplane Citrino.

This is design of my friends from South Africa. In first steps in F3P class, biplanes were extremely popular. With two wings wing area was big and besides this biplanes create big drag (that was helpful in order to slow down the plane). They were perfectly suited for heavy equipment and simple sequences. Once everyone start to evolve and try to build lighter planes an use lighter equipment, monoplane concept seams to be logical solution.

However return of biplane was just matter of time. With today knowledge and light equipment, very advanced biplane can be very good choice for F3P competitions starting from basic class to insane FAI sequences. Our friends from South Africa show that Citrino is very capable biplane, by putting solid flights in first world championship in Coburg, Germany.

Citrino released by Donatas Design, is slightly bigger compared to prototype. Wingspan is 80 cm , Fuselage 96 cm. Quite big wing area will allow you to use different equipment from slightly heavier  and cheaper options, to lowest weight F3P marvels like Lantsov coaxial system and Hitec 5035 servos to achieve best results. Model will fly very well if it’s ready to fly weight will be in range of 90-120 grams. Perfect battery for optimum flight time and weight ratio will be 2S  160 mAh.

This plane is inspired by F3A legend Mr. Wolfgang Matt from Liechtenstein and his latest F3A biplane Citrin. Mr. Matt allow us to release small brother of Citrin, so special thanks goes to Liechtenstein!!!

Donatas Design F3P Biplane Citrino

Wingspan: 80cm, Fuselage length: 96 cm

RTF weight 90 – 120 gr. depending on setup.

Recommended equipment (purchased separately):


AXI2203/52 (Indoor/outdoor flying) with propeller 9×4.7 or 10×4.7 GWS or similar carbon

NP Feather (Indoor competition flying 11,4g) with 9×2.8 – 9×5 carbon propeller

ESC: Competition option Castle Creation Taloon 15, budget version CC Thunderbird 9.

Battery: 120 or 160 mAh 7.4V 30C 2S1P Lipo battery.

Servos: 3 pcs is required. Hitec 5035 hb on each surface or Digital JR 188 servo for each surface.

Radio: At least 4 channel programmable radio with minimum programming of exponential. We would recommend more advanced radio  that have travel adjustment, dual rates, trim steps, digital trimmers, mixes, and other useful functions. These will help you to setup your plane faster and to seek for the best results.

Tools and materials required:

You will need just a few basic tools and materials to finish your Citrino:

Sharp hobby knife, file, 1.5 mm drill, piece of sanding paper, scissors, screwdriver, solder, and Donatas Design beveling tool. Foam friendly CA glue, Sticky tape for control surface attachment, and Kevlar thread.


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