Donatas Design AL Victory 1S

Donatas Design AL Victory 1S

Discontinued. Replaced by Victory 1SL 2017

KIT of Donatas Design AL Victory 1S F3P model

This product includes ultra light fuselage parts made out of high quality carbon rods and thin Mylar sheet. Total weight of airframe parts is between 10 and 11 grams. Parts have white base coating and are ready for airbrushing. Kit is packed in resistant box and includes set of carbon rods, ball links, pieces of kevlar thread for final assembling.


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Introducing Alexey Lantsov design Victory 1S

Victory 1S is designed for indoor aerobatics F3P class competition. Carbon frame is made from hi quality DDP carbon rods and covered with light and strong Mylar sheet. Result, very strong, highly resistant to various accidents stiff and light construction. With empty weight of airframe near 15 grams this plane makes its own category among all competitors in this class.

As modern FAI F3P sequences became more complex, lightness of a model is essential feature in order to slow flight pace and have enough time to perform maneuvers precisely.

Victory 1S released in limited edition to be at the edge of F3P competition.

Victory 1S prototype in action. Preliminary sequence + some fun flying. Plane flown in average size hall (~10 m ceiling).

Victory 1S prototype in action. Final FAI sequence flown in small size hall (~max 7 m ceiling).

Unknown sequence flown in German F3P championship.

Victory 1S technical data:

Wingspan: 82,5 cm

Fuselage: 96 cm

Weight: RTF weight 37g -40g

Recommended equipment (purchased separately):

Motor: Alexey Lantsov soaxial system (AL 10-70)

ESC: 3A as light as possible

Battery: 100-120mah 3,7V 1S.

Servos: 3 x Spectrum 2010

Radio receiver: we strongly recommend to stick to lightest possible receivers in the market as those specially designed for DSMX standard 0.3 grams of weight.

Flying time: 4-8 minutes. Depending on propellers choice, amount of air brakes and flying style.

Tools and materials required:

You will need few basic tools and materials to finish your Victory 1S. Sharp hobby knife, file, sanding paper, scissors, screwdriver, solder, thin CA glue and Kevlar thread. However assembling requires more skills and patience than assembling of foamy kit. It is strongly recommended to have some experience in indoor model building.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Hey, kilelr job on that one you guys!

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