2017 World F3P championship in Strasbourg

2017 World F3P championship in Strasbourg

Hi F3P enthusiasts!!! For Your attention article about 2017 FAI F3P World Championship that has taken place in Strasbourg on 2017 02 18 – 25.

2017 FAI F3P World Championship Official Result
2017 FAI F3P World Championship Official Result – Junior
2017 FAI F3P World Championship Official Result – Team


2017 02 18 Day 1 (Arrival of competitors and registration)

So we are finally here! Today after lunch we reached Strasbourg and already met some friends from the USA, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries. The first step was registration. It was very smooth and fast! After this first nice surprise we had a bit chaotic unplanned practice. We managed to make one flight each. It was great to be back in Strasbourg hall – familiar space without “surprises”. In general, team Lithuania is 100% ready. Our planes are working well and we are looking forward for the next couple of days with some practice flights. Overall it looks like organizers prepared well and are making a great job. Big screen with live translation is present in the hall. Let’s see what the next day brings.


2017 02 19 Day 2 (Model processing, Official practice and Opening ceremony)

The first official practice day is over. Each pilot had a chance to make two four minute flights. Once we completed training we moved to the model processing. It was smooth and fast. Lithuanian team was the last one to complete this process. The big moment of the day – warm and entertaining opening ceremony. Organizers put effort and made very nice presentations about each country on the big screen. In addition to this, three artists made a really funny show and provided helping hand for each team. Once official part was over, all participants and judges were invited to taste some local snacks and French wine. Tomorrow we expect to make one more training flight and visit Mayor’s house before the first preliminary round on Tuesday. Stay tuned!


2017 02 20 Day 3 (Free practice, Strasbourg Mayor House Reception)

Preparation for contest is over, both for the pilots and organizers. We had chance to fly fourth practice flight today. I would say participants made about 200 four minutes flights all together. team Manager meeting was held in the cafeteria after lunch. Starting lists was given to all teams during the meeting. This year Lithuania team was lucky and have received quite nice starting numbers. We will fly two rounds of preliminary rounds tomorrow and two more on Wednesday.

All teams have visited Mayor house and have listened to welcome speech from Mayor of Strasbourg in the evening. It was very nice to see such a warm welcome from city officials.


2017 02 21 Day 4 (Preliminary flights 1 & 2)

Preliminary rounds 1 and 2 on YouTube

Very first few days in Strasbourg could have given an impression that contest was still “under construction”. But since yesterday evening everything from organizers was done so smoothly and precise that we think it deserve big applause. Very well working live translation on YouTube was the highlight of the day. I have visited many contests worldwide before, but as far as I remember none of RC events had such hi-end equipment and such TOP presentation to spectators worldwide. We highly recommend to check out live world championship stream.

Regarding competition, today was the first day with action that counts. We have started competition with two preliminary sequences. Judging was done in two groups of 5 judges each. Morning group with judges from Canada, Finland, Poland, Switzerland and USA was more generous with points in comparison to evening judges group of Austria, Czech Rep, Japan, France and Italy. Second set of judges was quite strict and even small mistakes resulted in noticeable downgrades. Such difference in judging should hurt no one as long as same criteria and standards will stay for whole contest. Lithuania team was satisfied with all four flights, we are looking for tomorrow third and fourth round of preliminary sequence.

Our team helper and cameraman Rokas was very busy as well. He made many interesting videos, that we intend to use for educational purposes. So here we are presenting little “F3P striptease”, my first preliminary round with maneuver description and actual scores from first judges panel. Enjoy, we hope you will find it useful.

Preliminary round 1 results

Preliminary round 2 results


2017 02 22 Day 5 (Preliminary flights 3 & 4) 

Preliminary rounds 3 and 4 on YouTube

Results after preliminary round

Preliminary round 3 results

Preliminary round 4 results

First part of world F3P championship is already in the books. All participants flew 4 rounds during two days. It was over 200 flights all together! Lithuania team results after preliminary flights are as follows:

3 place – Donatas Paužuolis

37 place – Žilvinas Lapačinskas

Out of 50 competitors from 18 countries.

We learn some new things and it sure was pleasure to be part of such high level contest. Now it is time to rest and concentrate for finals. Very tough couple days are waiting ahead.

We are very proud of our good friend from Sweden Felix Scanders. He is a new World Champion in junior class. His weapon of choice is Victory 1S powered by AL 12/80 coaxial unit that swing 15 inch adjustable pitch propellers. Felix is also the only junior that have reached finals!



2017 02 23 Day 6 (Final flight 1)

Final round 1 on YouTube

Results of Final flight 1

Firs day of finals. Practice flight before Final round 1 then Final round and then again practice. Competition is very hard, so it is hard to forecast something until last round will be finished. Looking forward for tomorrow, it will be definitely very interesting day. 



2017 02 24 Day 7 (Final flights 2 & 3)

Final rounds 2 & 3 on YouTube

Big day is finally over! Third FAI world F3P championship is already part of a history. Today we flew last two rounds of final sequence. Each pilot put maximum effort in order to get as much points as possible from strict international judges panel. Personally I can say it was not easy;) Every flight evaluation help to increase points and move closer to podium. Eventually after one week of intense competition today we saw official results.

Podium standing stay exactly the same as it was in world championship in Poland two years ago:

  1. Gernot Bruckmann (Austria)
  2. Janne Lappi (Finland)
  3. Donatas Pauzuolis (Lithuania)

It is great feeling to be among elite of RC aerobatic world already for third championship in a row. Specially having in mind what progress our equipment and pilots made in couple of short years.

Today after competition we had very productive meeting with jury, judges, team managers and some pilots. Many ideas were shared about future of indoor aerobatic’s. If at least part of these ideas will become reality I am sure indoor aerobatic will evolve and attract new generation pilots. Small hint what we can expect in future:

  1. Standard beginner and advanced pattern schedules for all countries. 
  2. Similar format as F3A championships, with semifinals and finals with unknown sequences.
  3. Official Aeromusical world championship.

Last point is extremely important for making our sport interesting again for outside world. Big Aeromusical success in World Air Games in Torino and Dubai show potential of this beautiful class to reach many people not related to aviation. Once I return from Dubai to Lithuania, immediately I felt attention from media and various show/concert organizers. I was fortunate enough to be part of several unique projects. Here is one of them:

It was pleasure to make special program for Mr. Merunas Vitulskis (World class tenor) concert. People did enjoy model flight to the music.

Tomorrow will be most fun day of whole week. Aeromusical competition will take place in Strasbourg Rotonde gymnasium hall. See you there!

Our daily report is almost over. Lithuania team want to say big thank you to France, FAI, FFAM and all volunteers you guys did fantastic job!


2017 02 25 Day 8 (Aerobatic Freestyle Music contest & Indoor air show. Victory and Closing ceremonies)

Aeromusical contest on YouTube





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