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with shaped carbon rod technology
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wins in World Air Games 2015 in Dubai
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International Indoor Aerobatic Contest

Lithuania F3A/F6A 2016 championship

Every July Lithuania aeromodelling federation invite RC aerobatic enthusiasts to Lithuania open championship in classic pattern and artistic aerobatic. This year competition was held in Klaipėda, city located next to Baltic sea. Location and time were selected close to famous week long „Sea fest“ in Klaipėda. It was great to see competitors from five countries (Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and naturally Lithuania).

Colibri F3P carbon plane by Dmitry, full building story

My friend Dmitry Starostov from Moscow developed his own design Carbon F3P plane. Since Shaped carbon rod technology was available, his idea was to take this opportunity to create his own design model. So F3P Colibri Carbon was born. Some specs: Span 900mm Fuselage lenght 1040 mm Estimated AUW <40gr. Some materials list: Shaped carbon fiber rods 0.5 mm Standard carbon rods 0.5 and 0.28 mm Coaxial system Alexey Lancov Battery configuration 1S Please enjoy this build tutorial which is documented in detailed images by Dmitry. We will update this post with build progress. Also you can visit his site.  

New possibilities in rc model building with shaped carbon rod technology

Few years ago the only choice of building material was depron with some very rare exceptions (for example, Alexey Lancov who seems never used foam for his models). According to today’s tendencies, F3P schedules get more are more complex, competitions get tougher. Model’s lightness and precision become key issues. And it doesn’t matter which class of indoor rc planes will You focus on - F3P pattern, aeromusicals or even fun flying – modellers give priority to the carbon fiber rods covered with mylar film for their models over the depron for some time already. The result of such choice is obvious - very light, [...]

Strasbourg FAI F3P event

Each second year FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) organizes World Championship for indoor aerobatics. First two championships were held in Germany, Coburg (2013) and Poland, Pruszkow (2015). As an unofficial ‘rule’ year before World Championship hosts organize a test event. It always attracts best European pilots, and this event can be called ‘Unofficial European Championship’. Next WC will be held in Strasbourg, France. So FAI and Aéro-Club de Brumath organized test event at February 20th and 21st, 2016. It became main F3P event this indoor flying season and attracted 48 pilots from thirteen countries from all over the Europe. This pictures and videos will give [...]

Donatas Design/AL Victory 1S

For years in F3P class people use 2 S lypo battery to power motor and servos. In last few years even smallest capacity 2S batteries become to heavy. We did allot of research and testing to find servos/receiver and controller that can work well with 1 S lypo battery. For motor unit option was clear, update had to be made for existing and proven Alexey Lantsov coaxial unit. After some hard work in workshop and testing in hall new AL 10-70 was born. This 10 g (including propellers) coaxial system can work efficiently with 1S lypo battery and provide good performance for light plane